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Defamatory Statements - Archive

Defamatory Statements I, and relatives of mine, have been made the subject of statements that are provably false and highly defamatory.

The statements have been made by the operator(s)/publisher(s)/author(s) of a quasi-anonymous site presently hosted by

The false and defamatory nature of these statements has been drawn to the attention of the author(s) on multiple occasions.

The statements have been the subject of a complaint to which has, as of this date, not been acknowledged or acted upon.

The author(s) have continued to publish the statements on their site and various locations on the internet.

The author(s) have since published further defamatory statements.

The statements are defamatory on their face in that each clearly exposes the subject to hatred, contempt, ridicule, and obloquy because each attributes to him reprehensible and/or criminal conduct.

The statements are highly offensive to a reasonable person and were published with malice.

It is claimed that the statements were published with the intent and express purpose to cause the subject to suffer loss of his reputation, shame, mortification and distress, all to his general damage.

It is also claimed that the statements were pubished with the intent to cast the subject in a false light in the public’s view.

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